Virtual and Augmented Reality: Changing the Way We View Properties

With the advancements in technology over the past few decades, people have had various new things added into their everyday lives which would seem impossible before. 

Where sending a message to someone across town took time before, you can now send a message, call or even have a video call with them in an instant. Safe to say, when it comes to the real estate market, there have been implementations of different new technology, making it easier for people to know more about properties they are interested in, find more properties in general, and get a close look at them without being in the area. 

Virtual Reality in Real Estate

Virtual reality or VR has been becoming more and more popular in recent times, being implemented into video games and mobile applications – now it is a part of the real estate world. This real estate technology allows someone to view a home, all 360 degrees of angles, without having to leave their homes. 

People no longer have to rely on just about a property, they can get a feel for the space by virtually taking walks through them, knowing if the property meets their criteria, and making a final decision. This also helps people far from a prospective property, look into it without having to make long journeys.

Augmented Reality in Real Estate

Augmented reality or AR in real estate is another real estate technology that allows people to interact with the real estate market. Buyers can interact with the properties they are interested in by utilizing an application with AR for real estate by pointing their phone or mobile device at the property. 

The AR tools help bring up all the information about the property and find out about its history, alongside all of the facilities nearby. 

Features of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Real Estate

With so many handy features available through VR and AR, there are a lot of ways in which both consumers and real estate agents and investors can be benefited through their use.

Virtual Touring

You may have heard of and even used Google maps, and used its feature to roam different streets and areas around the world. That utilizes AI technology, now imagine that but as real estate technology. 

You can get tours of different properties and their neighboring areas and find out all you want to know about them in order to get an idea of the property. If you are a prospective buyer, having all this information can only benefit your advent of buying the property. What makes it even easier is, this is not something you need to ask for specially.

Many real estate websites have virtual tours up on their sites alongside the listings. There was a time when all you found was the listing, and then maybe some pictures to give you an idea – now you can get a full view of any property you are interested in, just by checking the listing for a virtual tour. 

This saves your time and energy from having to walk or drive out to the place, especially if you are looking for something in a different city or state – knowing exactly what a place looks like negates the chances of false expectations and ideas of what you are getting. 

Custom Marketing and Staging of Properties

Most times, when you look at a listing, it can be quite hard to assume the full view of the property when it is filled out. A living room listing can look very different when it is empty versus when it is completely furnished with nice decor all around. 

This is where augmented reality comes in handy – by using design elements and staging applications, a real estate agent does not have to spend money on buying furniture to just flesh out a home, rather they can highlight what the rooms would look like by using AR.

A benefit of using augmented reality this way is that you can even choose different decor over and over, and when prospective buyers are wondering about a specific wall paint or type of decor, the staging applications and design elements can help you bring those up in a few clicks.

Design, Development and Construction

When building homes or properties in general, the ability to use technology has helped create a much more streamlined process for architects and designers. There used to be a time when construction used to be delayed after breaking ground and realizing the current plan was not to liking, and having to go back to the drawing board.

Now, with virtual reality, architects can create virtual mock-ups of their creations and have investors, crew and themself walk through the visualized building, finding any flaws and making any changes with proper deliberation and collaboration. 


Augmented reality and Virtual Reality started out as gimmicks and science fiction for most people around the world, but as time passed, we realized the different uses it can have and real estate is taking it in stride. Utilizing them as a buyer or agent or investor has become so convenient, that it has optimized the real estate market.

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