The Disappearance Of Shahzad Dana An Iranian Aerospace Engineer – Rumour or Story!

The Disappearance Of Shahzad Dana An Iranian Aerospace Engineer

There is a story getting spread about an aerospace engineer for being murder in Iran. In this article we’ll uncover the true story about this incident.

Shahzad Dana is an Iranian citizen, till now there is no such confirmation report about his disappearance, mystery is still unsolved and therefore it is raising so many questions on his career, his sudden disappearance and death news.

Before uncovering the story of his disappearance, let’s know about Shahzad Dana.

About Shahzad Dana

The spreading news confirms that he is an aerospace engineer. In simple words, he is a space person who used to do all the engineer stuff in Iran. He is an Iranian aerospace man who did his early education in Tehran.

Shahzad Dana was born in Tehran, when he was 17 he was forced to move out of the country. After his high school education, he got into trauma of questioning gods on his social media for which he even faced legal problems and sentences.

He later shifted to East Asia nation, he studied aerospace engineering over their. After completion he joined a team of aerospace. His family were very proud of him and they shared his interest towards the space.

Shahzad Dana Bio and Physical Stats

NameShahzad Dana
ProfessionAerospace Engineer
Birth PlaceTehran, Iran
CollegeUniversity of South Africa
Height5 feet 10 inches
Weight165 Pounds or 75 kg
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
Net Worth$1 million Dollar


He completed his higher education from Iran and then he left the country. He joined the University of South Africa for his further studies. He studied Astronomy over there in South Africa.

After which he continued his study with the National University of Singapore. He is a Champion in what he pursued his whole life. During his working career he founded two organisation of his own with the group of experts in it.

Story of the disappearance of Shahzad Dana an Iranian Aerospace Engineer

There are various rumours going on the internet, still the truth is not disclosed.

Rumour 1:

Some of the sites says that he wasn’t an ordinary kids. He has a habit of questioning each and every thing around his surrounding. At the age of 16, he started posted questionings about and on the God on his social media handle. This raise a bar in the judiciary system. Some believers says that this could be one of the possible reasons of his disappearance, it is an absolute non sense.

Rumour 2:

Some support the rumour of his death, that they died due to some health issues. The reason of his disappearance doesn’t support this statement at all. There might be a great possibility that the reason he got disappeared and haven’t found yet could be because he is dead or no more.

Rumour 3:

Is there any believe story about his disappearance? Yes, there is one. This story has even got the green flag to this mystery. In the journey of becoming an aerospace engineer, he have been through a lot. Since his early childhood, it was testified by his parents that he is an introvert personality who doesn’t participate much in small things.

After collecting his college degree even Iranian government saw the hidden talent of Shahzad. He with the team of experts has created his own company named TToMoon. Few years later, he founded another organisation named TRT MSpace.

He got the clear picture of what he wanted to achieve. He decided to land an aerospace on the Moon. He wanted to create a living environment on the moon. He with his team of experts worked their who talent and optimise their each skills to built an spaceship.

They did each and every calculation and were prepared for every risk and uncertainties. Government itself funded them to built this spaceship under the brand name of Shahzad foundation company – TtoMoon. 

He took the ride into spaceship and due to some technical fault in the aerospace and universal areas the spaceship got disappeared. He himself got disappear with an aerospace.


As of 2024, there is no such confirmed updates about his rumour of being disappear. He is an intelligent and brilliant masterpiece that Iran have.

But, Yes there is high possibility that he was a brilliant masterpiece, as his no appearance is tickling the clock towards the direction of his death. Iranian government has yet not passed any right answers to this news that is being spread with different possibilities.

We have shared all the possible reasons of his disappearance. Now, it’s on you to choose whether it is true story or a house of rumours. Official statements are still on the waiting mode, it’s a big story. Further Updates will be added soon!

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