Time Sensitive Snapchat: A Guide to Popular SnapChat Features

Time Sensitive Snapchat

This Time Sensitive Snapchat feature helps to meet all the useful notifications while Focus mode or DND mode is on in your device.

The term Time Sensitive is introduced by Apple iOS 15. It was introduced in the year 2021, since its launch, Snapchat has also featured the same sensitive term in the application.

Snapchat has brought this feature for the users of both Android and iOS model, so that they can’t miss all the important notifications.

About Snapchat Application

Snapchat is a multimedia messaging application where you can chat with your friends. This is an online application where you can connect with your friends and can even make new ones.

You can built a strike by sharing your snaps to your friends. A social media platform where you can share text, photos, content and videos.

Working Model of Time Sensitive in Snapchat

This is a software system which is developed in Snapchat application for the benefits of users.

This software perform it’s calculations and pop-up those notifications which are meant to be displayed on the screen in any emergency. Many of times we need to keep our phones on DND of Focus mode to avoid disturbance in our work, in such scenario we lost the touch with some important notifications which impact later.

It understands the sensitivity of the time and it’s application which is why it is termed as Time Sensitive.

Application of Time Sensitive Feature in Snapchat

Time Sensitive Snapchat is an inbuilt feature in Snapchat, to take its advantage one need to simply go to that feature and have to perform some changes in the settings.

Open the Time Sensitive Feature and add all the contacts and text that are important for you to attend and answer. Save the changes and give it a try to check on the results for future conduct.

Benefits of Time Sensitive in Snapchat

  • It helps to uncover the important notifications for the users.
  • This avoid unnecessary context to appear on the screen.
  • Works even when Do not disturb or Focus mode is on in the device.
  • Provide a new experience to the Snapchat users.
  • Value some messages or Snap as a top most priority.
  • Brings immediate attention of the users on the notifications.

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Steps to mute Time Sensitive feature in Snapchat

  • To turn off this feature in iOS model or Android model you need to follow the same steps.
  • Open you Snapchat application in your device.
  • Go to the settings options inside it.
  • Go to Time sensitive option and unselect all the contacts that you have selected before.
  • This is a feature of choice if you want it you can enjoy and if you don’t then you can remove it.


Now, you can enjoy your work without being disturbed with DND and Focus mode, also without missing any important notifications and Snaps. Snapchat is a digital application which is popular for its unique features. This Time Sensitive Snapchat feature has solved the biggest problem for the people.

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