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Finding a job is a laborious and time-consuming process. It requires a lot of patience and energy. It involves performing repetitive and similar duties repeatedly. Certain software for job automation improves communication between recruiters and job seekers. One such software is LoopCV.

About LoopCV

LoopCV is an online employment board where you can search job openings based on your criteria. It is a UK-based company. It automatically applies to all job posts. It assists you in finding opportunities for the areas and post types you want.

LoopCV offers the option to choose tasks by hand and then utilise them automatically. It lets you concentrate on the things that really count. It helps in improving your interpersonal and communication skills. It also helps in creating a strong CV. It makes the process of searching for a job easier and faster.

Through the automation of procedures that used to take hours off of a job seeker’s day. Loop CV is transforming the job search process. By offering “3x more interviews,” It entices users to submit their resumes. It indicates their preferred jobs. It automates the application process, forwarding resumes to qualified candidates daily.

It serves recruiters, agencies, universities, career consultants, boot camps, and job seekers as well. Loop CV offers a comprehensive solution for automating your job search and making sure you never miss an opportunity. It provides an extensive range of options to suit your needs. It helps a recruiter seeking a quick and effective approach to identify qualified candidates. It also helps a job seeker fed up with the drawn-out application procedure. Boost your chances of finding the ideal job by automating your job search now.

Characteristics of LoopCV

  • Recruiting software allows you to apply to several jobs with just one click because it does all the work for you.
  • Make the process of applying for jobs easier and faster.
  • Software with ATS enabled
  • More than 20 employment sites, including LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, and others, allow you to apply.
  • You are able to apply using multiple resumes.
  • It offers every job analytics that could assist you in streamlining your workflow.
  • LoopCV makes the process of finding a job easier by applying to openings that fit you every day.
  • Send customised emails that are automatically generated to decision-makers.
  • With real-time information on email opens, replies, and other indicators, you may be aware of your performance.
  • In just a few steps, create automated job search cycles that align with your professional objectives.
  • Sophisticated job filters apply only to the jobs you want by customising. It customise your job search with keyword targeting, business exclusion, and other features.

Types of Subscriptions on LoopCV

  • Basic looper is the free model. It allows four job titles in loop per month. It lets you apply to maximum twenty jobs per month.
  • Standard looper costs 599.99 rupees per month. It lets the user search twenty job titles in loop in a month. It allows one hundred job applications per month.
  • Premium looper is priced at 1,729.99 rupees per month. It allows fifty job title searches in loop per month. It lets the user apply for maximum three hundred jobs in a month. This subscription comes with added benefits. The user gets one weekly consultation call and improvement tips for CV.

Alternatives of LoopCV

  1. Indeed: Indeed is a job search engine dedicated to finding work. It gathers job ads from numerous sources. Source as career pages of companies, trade associations, staffing companies, and job boards.
  2. Job seekers: Job seekers can look for openings, submit resumes, and research firms on the platform. It also allows employers to post and promote positions, search resumes, and find applications for jobs.
  3. Glassdoor: Look through millions of jobs and get insider information. Information about businesses with options for customising salaries, employee reviews, and more. Millions of individuals are looking for jobs, pay scales, reviews of companies, and interview questions.
  4. FlexJobs: The goal of FlexJobs is to assist job seekers in discovering more fulfilling employment. They are a company full of enthusiastic individuals. People who are flexible and remote work and are dedicated to making it easier to discover them. Utilising access to unique hiring data on more than 50,000 businesses. It may locate the ideal company, work environment, and position more quickly and simply.
  5. Lazyapply: Lazyapply is an automated tool for job applications. You may apply to hundreds of jobs at once with it, and you’ll hear back from businesses quickly. Employers looking to fill positions fast and job seekers want to save time will find Lazyapply ideal.
  6. Smart Hires: A talent market is Smart Hires. Our goal is to facilitate people’s search for work in this global economy. People ought to be able to select their own career path. Unlike conventional job portals like Indeed. It primarily list high-paying positions, Smart Hires displays a wider variety of employment.
  7. Weekday: Enroll to have five interviews set up for you in five days or less. By offering quick references, they assist businesses in finding talent. They provide many products. Transmit customised messages using various channels. They are aware that running a business means you have a lot on your plate. To make sourcing easier for you, they try to take on as many chores as we can off your plate.


LoopCV is an automated job search tool. It can assist job searchers secure up to three times as many interviews with AI. Uploading your resume is simple. Just choose the kind of job you desire, then click “Start.” You may apply for jobs in bulk on a daily basis.

With its many features, such as A/B testing that lets you determine which resume is superior, Loop CV is a wonderful platform for job automation. It is not practical to cover every job board on the planet. So, you must determine which job automation software is the most appropriate for you.


1. What is the name of LoopCV’s CEO?

George Avgenakis is LoopCV’s CEO.

2. What are the workings of LoopCV?

Loop CV collects the resume of the job seeker and applies. They perform this tasks to appropriate job titles on their behalf. Users can also apply by themselves.

3. What is the cost of Loop CV subscriptions?

It has three subscription models. One of them is free. The other cost 599.99 and 1729.99 rupees respectively.

4. Why do we use cover letter?

Cover letter is submitted with the resume to the employer while applying for a job. One-page cover letter describes the potential of the candidate. It helps in understanding why they should be appointed for the job.

5. Are job interviews challenging?

There always seem to be a few difficult questions asked during job interviews. Certain questions are intended to put you on the spot. Some to gauge your response, while others are trick questions. The purpose of these questions is to gauge your mentality.

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