ERP Gehu: Management System Of Graphic Era Hill University

ERP Gehu

ERP Gehu is a portal for Graphic Era Hill University student and faculty. It works as CRM system for campus where students and teacher can access various tools and resources. In this article we are going to discuss about Login Process, how this platform works and other information.

What is ERP Gehu?

ERP Gehu is a central management system of Graphic Era Hill University. It is a university with campuses in Dehradun, Bhimtal and Haldwani. The platform provide multiple features, resources and tool that help student on daily campus life in University. Students can access previous year paper, notes, attendance, and other resources.

This is where the impact of ERP Gehu comes as it is a CRM system for all three campuses. They are known to run courses from software engineering, law, management, pharmacy to more. Hence, all the three campuses have a lot of students. But they do manage to make a decent impact for sure. This is where the CMS helps them to manage all the assignments, summation, attendance record to more. This is where they make those mega impact And hence, the worth of this platform makes the right moves for sure.

About Graphic Era Hill University

Graphic Era Hill University is a combination of three campuses in Dehradun, Bhimtal and Haldwani. This is where the impact of Graphic Era Hill University makes the outlook in the real way. They do have courses form engineering, law, arts, management, pharmacy to more. This is where the impact of Graphic Era Hill University needs the right approach for sure. So the worth of this place is huge as India is a nation where there are more youngers than any other nation. And as per the official website of the university, they have students getting the package of 12 LAKHs per year and more. And having three campuses do give them a right outlook for sure.

Process To Register On ERP Gehu’s Platform

Students don’t need to do registration by their end. The University will give login credentials i.e., username and password. These factors will be given to you by your faculty and what you can do is easy login procedure over it.

ERP Gehu Login Process

Here are crucial steps to follow…

  • First of all, open by entering on search bar of browser and then press enter.
  • Now add the user id, password, captcha and then click on log in button.
  • This is it, now you can see the homepage where you can do all the work related to university.
  • If one forgets the password, then below log in button there is a link for forget password.
  • Click there and the following page opens.
  • Enter User ID, email and date or birth.  
  • And now click on reset button.
  • In case the user id is forgotten, then click forget id, which is down below tom forget password.
  • Click there and the next page would open.
  • Here you have to enter just mobile number and date of birth.
  • Now click on verify button and this is it.

Steps To Reset Password Of ERP Gehu

ERP Gehu’s password reset can be done easily by following a quick procedure which is mentioned below:

  1. Open the web browser on your device and enter “ERP Gehu”.
  2. You will get multiple results from where you have to choose the official one.
  3. Here, scroll the dashboard for the login form where the Reset Password button is placed.
  4. Click on this button and you can easily enter your username, school or department, and tap on the reset button.
  5. Probably you will get a reset link over your registered email address, click on it and you can enter a new password.
  6. If this doesn’t work out seamlessly, you can contact your faculty.

Gehu (Graphic Era Hill University) Course, Fees And Eligibility

CourseAdmission FeesEligibility
B.Pharma5.0 – 5.5 Lakh10+2 with 50% minimum
Exams : CUET or CBSE 12th
MCA3.0 – 3.5 LakhGraduation in CS with 50%
Exams : CUET-PG
B.Sc.3.5 – 5.5 Lakh10+2 : 45-50 %
Exams : CUET, CBSE 12th, ISC, UK 12th
B.E. / B.Tech7.5 – 10 Lakh10+2 form PCM With 50-60 %
Exams : JEE Main, CUET
B.Com3.5 L – 5.5 Lakh10+2 with 50 % Minimum
Exams : CBSE 12th, ISC, UK 12th, CUET
BCA3.0 – 3.5 Lakh10+2 form PCM with 50 %
Exams : CBSE 12th, ISC, UK 12th, CUET
MBA/PGDM4.5 -5.0 LakhGraduation : 50 %
BBA4.0 – 4.5 Lakh10+2 : 50 %
Exams : CBSE 12th, CUET, ISC, UK 12th

ERP GEHU 2024 Admission dates

CourseDatesOpen For
MCA Admissions 202424 April 2024 – 20 June 2024CUET PG 2024 Counselling Process
B.Sc. Admissions 202415 May ’24 – 31 May ’24CUET 2024 Exam
B.E. / B.Tech Admissions 202415 May ’24 – 31 May ’24CUET 2024 Exam

Pros of ERP Gehu

Here are the pros of Graphic Era Hill University….

  • It helps students to manage admin related work well.
  • It is the CMS of the university.
  • It works equally well for all the campuses.
  • The CMS can help the student to know the exam results too.
  • The webpage speed seems to be right as per the reviews of students.
  • It makes things push for the digital India.
  • It does not run any ads other than promoting university.
  • From sports days to others, this makes the right run for sure.
  • The platform has the SSL certificate, so it is a plus point for sure.
  • The overall updates seem good.
  • They do have an application too, so this a plus, but the website is most famous for sure. 

Cons of ERP Gehu’s

Here are indeed some cons to look at ERP Graphic Era Hill University

  • The overview of ERP Graphic Era Hill University is not as good as even the CMS of Lovely Professional University.
  • The university needs to make it more AI friendly.  
  • Overall system of this platform can be better in the app.
  • The university can make the speed of the site better at the time of result coming in.
  • The overall loading time can be better.
  • Need of better could tools is indeed needed for sure.
  • The overall system needs better hacks for the deeper take for sure.

Final Take

ERP Gehu is a decent CMS system of Graphic Era Hill University. It helps a student to know all about events to assignments. One can track when is which exam to the results of it. It keeps the track of all the data for students and makes the work of the university. However, we feel that it can be better with ERP Gehu’s making the better impact for sure with using AI to more. This streamlines things in a formative manner and helps them to use tech in a better way.


We are not holding any ownership of this platform, our only motive is to update our users with the latest ongoing tools over the market. Our high recommendation is to choose the official dashboard for correct experience.

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